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· The outer ring is numbered yashica electro 8 dl-6 manual to coincide with the numbers on the Exposure Meter dial. ) We are in sync on the accessory telephoto. Minister D - User Manual; Yashica Pentamatic Series. There are the obligatory reloadable 35 mm film cassettes. This offered two notable improvements: A slightly downsized body, and an SBC meter cell located above the lens, allowing the camera&39;s aperture-priority autoexposure to compensate for any filters attached to the 55mm.

The Type 33 was advertised at ¥28,000 but Yashica initially advertised the YE at ¥23,800 (in small print, ¥22,750 plus case ¥1,050). 8 meters to Infinity, with clear graduations, in case it ever gets too dark to use the range-finder. Yashica Electro 35 MC Posted 5-8-&39;11 The next page contains information on this camera. Note, some 35 mm fans have suggested that the “Yashica” name derives from the amalgam of “Yashi” from Yashima and “ca” from Nicca. The Nicca 3-F/Type 33 and YE bodies were basically the same and to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever claimed a reduction of quality under Yashica ownership. Product Attributes: brand=yashica, model=electro 8 ld-6, type=zoom reflex, film format=super 8, country/region of manufacture=japan, guarantee=14 days from delivery, lens glass=very good mechanical condition, condition=film bench tested ready for use my collection, bundled items=pdf manual lens hood filter cap, lens=8-48mm f/1.

· The Yashica TL Electro-X is part of the TL series of SLR cameras. Has not been film tested. Below is the accessories page from a brochure featuring both the YE and YF as well as the Yashica 35 and YK: (Brochure scan courtesy of Chris Whelan) The YE/YF duo would hardly qualify as a camera system and Yashica didn&39;t want you to think that way either. Manual focus is capable from 2. super 8 movie camera instruction manual Yashica Super-800 Electro YASHICA SUPER-800 Electro Electronic 8mm Movie Camera Designed to Use Super-8 Film Cartridges 8X Zoom Lens: YASHINON-DX Electric Zoom 7. 4 lb Lens: Yashinon-Dx 1,8 / 8 - 48 mm Microprism Focusing Auto / Manual Zoom Frame rates: 18, 24, 36 + single frame yashica electro 8 dl-6 manual Shutter degree: 170 Manual / Auto Exposure Backlight Control +/- correction for auto Fades Lap dissolve of 54 seconds Remote control socket Cable release socket No sound 6 X 1,5V batteries Made in Japan.

5%, Location: Sandy Bay, Ships to: Worldwide, Item:Yashica Electro 8 Ld-6 Super 8 Camera. The eyepiece was adjustable and featured through-the-lens viewing just like SLR cameras. If you aren&39;t completely happy just return the manual for a full refund. If the image below looks like your.

Has aperture priority automation like the Electro G series. The best place to look for these cameras is on eBay. · The Yashica Electro 35 is a solid metal camera, weighing around 700 grams. Once I’d looked, I wish I had picked one up from hereinstead. Yashica TL ElectroThe next page contains information on this camera. This fixed lens between lens leaf shutter camera had very little in common with Nicca&39;s interchangeable lens focal plane shutter Leica copies and the timing suggests that Nicca certainly had no role in the model&39;s development. I thought less likely than likely but a Japanese blogger thinks that enough have been found to sug. in 1958 anywhere in the period from May to November (consensus is May, November according to Yashica&39;s 1975 booklet “Yashica A New Horizon” but it contains some obvious mistakes including claiming Pentamatic production commenced in the same month when it was clearly at the end of 1959 with a 1960 release), it had already released its first 35 mm camera, the Yashica 35, in April 1958.

· 35mm YASHICA ELECTRO RANGE-FINDER MANUAL. It was introduced in 1968 and may have remained in production until 1975 (when Yashica adopted their Yashica/Contax bayonet mount). Nicca&39;s origins are from before World War II and linked to Canon&39;s ancestry.

The Yashica TL Electro-X ITS was introduced in 1971, and sold alongside the first model. So far, all Yashica camera models that Chris Whelan and I have looked at from mid-1958 (and most from September 1957) into the 1970s (1980 for the Yashica Mat-124G) exhibit body serial numbers with a date code followed by a production number which counts yashica electro 8 dl-6 manual up from zero, e. It has the slight downside of battery availability, but this appears to be reflected in some of the prices, making it so affordable. 5 times magnification and that the rangefinder “effective base length” (EBL) is 57 mm. 6 Yashica Guy has rounded off results to the nearest ASA setting. Manuals and User Guides for Yashica Super-800 electro. Yashica Electro 35 MC instruction manual. org but Mikio Awano&39;s name and Camera Collectors&39; News articles are referenced in many other Camera-wiki.

So an EBL of 57 mm means that the physical base yashica electro 8 dl-6 manual length is 38 mm which is what I measure (same for early and late body Niccas). Seller: mreuromarcus (4,712) 99. It was interesting to note that the TL-Electro X seem much more commonplace. TL Electro-X - Service Manual; TL Super - Operating Guide; Yashica Y. 【NEAR MINT-】Yashica Electro 35 CCN Black 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera From JAPAN. The 35CC/CCN are aperture priority AE compact RFs with electronic shutter and limited manual over-ride. .

Even if you do find some, the batteries are so old they will have likely lost most of their charge. Receive a high quality printed and bound manual in days. Yashica Electro 8 LD-6 Year:Weight: 1450 g Lens: Yashinon-Dx 1,8 / 8 - 48 mm Microprism Focusing Auto / Manual Zoom Frame rates: 18, 24, 36 + single frame Shutter degree: 170 Auto Exposure Backlight Control +/- correction Fades - via variable shooter degree Lap dissolve of 54 frames Remote control socket Cable release socket No sound. Free Shipping Available. T Zoom - Operation Manual; T4 Zoom - Operation Manual; Yashica Samurai Series. (Scroll down or click on Links) Setting the Scene Nicca Yashica&39;s Strategy Yashica YE Yashica YF Serial Numbers & Production Lenses Accessories. 35V mercury batteries. More information on that here.

Make sure your download is delivered smoothly and hassle free. Yashica Electro 8 LD-8 Year & CountryMade in Japan Dimensions & Weight 68 x 185 x 240 mm 1,500 g Lens YASHINON-DX Electric Zoom Lens 7. On the other hand, Nicca&39;s contribution to development of the Pentamatic SLR is surprisingly acknowledged in a 1960 Japanese Pentamatic brochure. Make a user account when checking out. · 5 Frames with Yashica Electro 35 GS & Kodak Gold 200 - By Salman Rameli - 35mmc J at 4:00 pm. These little cameras are a peculiar blend of features. With original case, instruction manual. YASHICA ELECTRO 8 LD-6 SUPER 8 CAMERA.

(Dimensions and weight as measured late body and lens. 6, composed of 15 elements in 12 groups, with fully automatic zooming system. . ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH.

Covers electronics problems. To make those sort of savings, presumably Y. I thought that I was pretty clever and had sorted out lenses more than I had seen anywhere else, that is until I came across a Japanese magazine “Camera Collectors’ News” article in the May 1985 edition written by Mikio Awano, entitled “Yashica YE-YF Interchangeable Lenses”: (There is next to nothing about the YE and YF models in Camera-wiki. · hi everybody, ive just bought a Yashica 600 electro wich i intend to use with Vision 200T stock. See full list on james-grundy. each month for TLRs and for the entire model run with the Pentamatics and early SLRs. Digital presentation of dl-6 a genuine Yashica Electro-8 LD6 LD8 repair manual download.

Auto/Manual Zoom. Yashica Electro-8 LD6 Repair-Manual Digital presentation of a genuine Yashica Electro-8 LD6 LD8 repair manual download. 8, sku=, types=camera. The YF is different in appearance to the Nicca III-L but is basically the same camera without the Nikkor lens options (f/2 or f/1.

Características: Objetivo Yashinon-Dx 1, 8 / 8-48 mm. Samurai Z - Instructions for Use; Samurai ZL - Instructions for Use; Yashica TL Series. Yashica&39;s tried and true split image range-finder, self corrects for parallax. We have been in business for over 40 years and have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. The YF was commonly supplied with a “Yashinon” f/1.

Similar were offered by Leica and most Leica-copy makers, including Nicca. There are a few options and they range from expensive and safe to cheap and risky. Yashica-Mat 124G Exploded Diagram. Yashica Super 825: This silent camera needed 4 AA batteries and featured manual zoom and automatic exposure control. The best features are the 35/1.

Usually, if you don’t fall below 1/60 it’s going to be OK. I know, it’s a rookie mistake to first buy a camera without even checking what they are selling for online, and you’d be right. Within a millimetre or three, it shares the same body width and depth. It is an aperture-priority camera. Still in fantastic condition just a few light wear and tear marks. 8 Yashinon & Super-Yashinon Lenses below) but sometimes is also found with a virtually unknown f/2 5 cm Yashikorwhich may have only been offered in Japan: (Detail from larger web image) I have only seen the YF advertised with either the Yashinon (see US ads & brochure below), or renamed Super-Yashinon version (see the two Japanese “Fair-Way” ads, one below, the other in Accessory Lenses). Selling as is as a display piece. Standard lenses were a choice of the Yashinon 50mm f2, f1.

They fit better than disposable cassettes, which are shorter, and may make winding feel smoother because there is no friction inducing felt light seal but there seem to be few real problems with modern disposable cassettes - see “Loading Film” under Operation. I don&39;t know if it is original or not, the only other two I have come across were for sale by the same seller, the original owner may have changed them. Like with its TLRs, Yashica sought to offer good quality at affordable prices but unfortunately, the low numbers and short production runs suggest that it was already futile from the beginning.

I brought my trusty Yashica Electro 35 GS loaded with Kodak Gold 200. Like its more recent Nicca ancestors, the YE echoes its Leica IIIc-IIIf inspiration. (retirement age in Indonesia) and we decided to eat out to celebrate the occasion. Download available immediately after payment is accepted. 8 5 cm lens, later called “Super-Yashinon” (see Standard YF 5 cm f/1.

We dined at a restaurant called “Botanika” that served mainly. 2 download limit for the file (s) purchased never expires. I’m waiting on a few batteries to arrive and then I’ll promptly shoot a roll on the Yashica and share my own images here. Yashica LD-6 Electro 8 Super 8 Film Camera; Weight: 1. · If you like Yashica RF glass, but want it in an SLR, look for a used Yashica TL Electro SLR. These ceased manufacturing a long, long time ago and so are extremely hard to find.

Yashica electro 8 dl-6 manual

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